Thursday, March 10, 2011

Second take on eNuf

Last evening I persuaded my wife….and it took little persuasion…that we should check out eNuf on a different day to see if the place ran better on other nights.
It did. Far better. Totally different staff on duty. I made some enquiries and it seems last Sunday was a bit of a crisis. Some staff failed to turn up for work. Normally they would have five people on duty because of the demand on weekends. Only three were there and the bewildered looking teenage girl was bewildered because she really was (bewildered) at it all having been 'drafted in' to help.
Last night was very fast and efficient service. We both had a 'Hoffman' burger, my wife choosing Aussie damper bread and I went for sesame seed white. It was certainly an impressive burger in appearance and in taste. Instead of a heavily compacted beef meat patty, the large minced beef item was loosely packed, crumbled as you ate it, but was extremely juicy as well. Loose packing of the meat meant crumbs, but it also seemed to allow more of the meat to contact the grill, producing more natural BBQ flavour from the charcoal heat. Once again the salad crunched when you ate it, the sauce mingled with the juice of the meat, and it was an all up delight to eat. My wife kept muttering 'superb' as she ate hers with a knife and fork, but I cut mine in half and then went for the traditional hamburger grip. I had to cut it in half because it was so big.
The bread was excellent on both hamburgers. The white Aussie Damper was light and absorbed juices very nicely, which meant all the flavour was enjoyed rather than dripped onto a plate and lost. The white sesame bread was similarly light and had plenty of taste on its own.
We did try the Onion rings this time. Very nice crispy onions rings of mostly large size. And onion is an onion so there is not a lot you can do when it is the only ingredient, but the crispy outside went with it extremely well, to provide one with a crunchy treat. We had a bowl of their excellent crispy chips as well and to go with both, we ordered two choices of dip. Hollandaise and Chili-Lime-aioli. Both dips were very good and because they were catering too quite different tastes I found it hard to distinguish if one was better than the other, but I must say the very thick creaminess of the Hollandaise was impressive.
The shop was very busy throughout our stay, which was much shorter with an efficient and effective staff. There was no confusion about who was to perform which role and customer waiting time was down to just a few minutes.
My wife and I are not great fans of the hamburger. Its not that we dont enjoy one now and then, its simply that we like plenty of variety in our food and usually try other choices first. But we both agreed that the eNuf burgers were quite exceptional and if considering food in general we would detach them entirely from the mass burger joints, and consider them more of a healthy meal than a fast food solution.

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