Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Beach Road Chippy.
As part of the search for a traditional fish and chip shop of the old style I knew as a kid, I responded at once when my wife pointed out that there was one open on Beach Road at Christies Beach. On parking outside I was impressed to see several people waiting inside and a young man obviously enjoying himself eating at an outside table. An empty shop can sometimes be a warning to not proceed...nobody likes this place. There was no such sense of warning here.
On entering I did have that feeling of ‘tradition’. Oh sure there are all the usual extra foods available these days, but the signs offering meal deals were mostly to do with various combinations of fish, with varied quantities of Chips. I made a selection and noted that the prices were quite good. Equal to some, but certainly much better than some others we have explored recently.
Near the door the comfort of patrons was taken seriously with a couple of couches and chairs to use while they waited. There were several who came in, placed orders and sat down there too, so it was not only considerate, but obviously appreciated by customers. It was hardly a plush five star hotel lounge, but quite adequate. There were also magazines to read. Great, just like when I was a kid.
Three staff were working behind the counter, all wearing matching blue tops. Not an essential thing and a level of uniformity often not seen these days, but it did give an impression that the owner cared. I took the middle aged gentleman serving to be the owner and noted a certain amount of experienced efficiency in the way he went about things. The two girls looked as if they certainly knew there way around a fish and chip shop too and although unhurried and undemonstrative, there was an impression that the three of them were a well practiced team.
There were some funny signs up about the place which indicated the owner obviously had a sense of humour, plus there were some displays of coral and beach sand items. I found there was something ‘old’ and comfortable about the whole air of the place.
One would not want to have become too engrossed in the magazines provided as the service was quite quick. Two nice parcels were exchanged for cash and I headed out to the car to join my wife to relate to her that it was indeed traditional and I had high expectations for the food. I had her chuckling when I described some of the funny signs in the ‘Chippy’ as we drove to a nearby park.
Having unwrapped the two parcels we found the fish had a traditional batter look to it, but on biting into it both of use expressed delight that both the batter and fish inside it were very tasty. Fish loses flavour when over cooked and that can be a problem in far too many eating places. Our serve had been cooked just long enough for the batter to crisp, and yet for the fish to cook to nice and juicy, rather than dry. The chips were also a surprise. Crisp and tasty; perhaps not the traditional style I remember as a kid when they would often be soft and greasy, but very nice. Chicken salt had been applied and also added to the taste.
We were at a park without Seagulls, but found some other willing birds to toss crumbs too and the whole experience was good fun. Having enjoyed the food I can recommend THE BEACH ROAD CHIPPY at Christies Beach for a good old style fish and chips meal.

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