Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This proved a total bomb out. We were a party of three, with my elder brother having joined us for a day exploring the south coast. After renewing memories around Victor Harbour we were all pretty hungry but decided to make the drive to Goolwa to eat at one of the places there as they have a good reputation.

There were plenty of places to choose from but Hectors on the wharf looked rather old and quaint with a semi-falling down look.

We decided to eat inside as the wind was a bit nippy, and as there were only tables for two, or for four, we three chose a four. Two very tall men take up a lot of leg room, so it seemed reasonable and logical to me. However a grey haired man said he preferred to keep his tables for four in case he gets .... four.... His solution was to grab a spare chair and put that in the aisle alongside one of the tables for two. That seemed to me to be very insensitive of our personal comfort. The three of us were expected to cram onto a table obviously too small, with one sitting in the aisle, in order to preserve a table he may or may not get a foursome to sit at. And  as it happened there were several other four place tables empty and the restaurant itself was only half full. 

When I announced I didn’t want to sit where indicated we were greeted with a ‘too bad’ to which my immediate reaction was too bad indeed, as that convinced me we should go where the management considered our comfort of importance. Three people crammed onto a two person table when two are very tall,  was not my idea of relaxing while I ate. Plus that corner seemed more crowded and I could envisage it being even more so with one of us having to sit in the aisle. It is a shame that sometimes Restaurants over look that the dining out experience includes enjoying the food and relaxing while you do so is all part of it. The space offered us was less than at Westfield Plaza Quarterdeck the day before, and that was crowded enough. More cramped than most of the big chain Burger joints.  

We had already glanced at the menu on arrival and I had started to look it over when I first sat at the roomier table. It looked good, it looked comprehensive, and it also looked expensive. I don’t mind paying for good food, but if the management expected me to pay high prices for good food, but sacrifice comfort while doing it, then I prefer to go somewhere else.

That we did. See review for Whistlestop.

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