Friday, March 25, 2011


I’m not sure what a Koko Dream is but the establishment is in the Mall at Hallett Cove. We’ve seen it many times and the place always seems to have plenty of customers, so being out very early one day we decided to have breakfast in the Mall. We were actually headed to another establishment, but the Koko Dream looked so inviting and popular that plans were changed and it became our choice.
Koko Dream is quite well laid out and the menu is loaded with tasty sounding snacks, so I really wanted a few moments to examine the menu, but in that regard good service became a little too good. We were asked to order well before we had time to consider the menu and as there was a fair bit of noise going on, people coming and going etc I felt pressured to state my choice. Probably not good because later after sitting down at our table I had much more time to examine what was on offer and would certainly have preferred something else.
My wife loves pancakes, so feeling a bit pressured I ordered them for both of us. The gentleman serving had an accent that I found very hard to understand. It may have been just that there was rather a lot of noise, but I kept thinking the TV series ‘Ullo Ullo’ and that the moustache wearing man taking my order was none other than ‘Rene’ ....bad accent and all. But he was pleasant and seemed to understand everything I was saying even if I was left somewhat confused by the time we sat down.
First to come was the coffee. We both like Cappuccino and the large mugs placed in front of us looked inviting. The taste was great too and one was well aware that one was drinking a cup of coffee provided by people who understood that drink. It was neither too sharp, nor too bland and the thick frothy coating nice and tasty.
While starting on our coffee it was pleasing to see a staff member nod acknowledgement of us and say that our main order would be coming along very soon. That’s great when a place has lots of people you can sit there wondering what your status is within the crowd, so it was nice to see that staff knew exactly what you had ordered and kept you informed of progress.
When the plates arrived they were piled high with some excellent pancakes topped with cream, ice-cream and of course maple syrup. Now that is not exactly the sort of thing I would normally eat for breakfast, so the whole thing was a bit experimental for me. None the less the warm pancakes proved easy to eat and the toppings were just right. I had the feeling that who ever was making these dishes must have eaten them regularly in order to know so well what was neither too much, nor too little. Very well presented.
Having consumed out pancake breakfast, and sipped the last of the coffee, we departed feeling quite full. One test of good pancakes is of course later in the day. Bad ones can produce indigestion, but these certainly did not. They were as light on the stomach as they were on the plate.
Prices were reasonable across the whole menu, although some things tended toward the higher end.

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